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You can bet that I think of romance and relationships often. I believe that people who regret old flames or relationships are missing the very point of dating. Each person has value ; has worth; has a piece of the puzzle to figuring out who each of us is; what we like in ourselves and others.

Each person we come in contact with helps us learn; if we allow ourselves to, what the best part of us is. We are rewarded with a new understanding of ourselves and what the very best of us has to offer. A service like Incredidate allows to talk to many people at one time from the most comfortable and at ease place we each know our own home. We can relax, be ourselves, and know that we are all just here for one reason - in search of something.

We find ,hopefully, people in search of the same thing and are transformed from alone in the process, to part of a special club.

If someone told you that it might take a while but that in that time you would eventually find your true desire and soul-mate (if that is what you are seeking) would it matter if you had to wait or talk to a few extra potential friends? Of course not!

These are my thoughts.

I embrace the journey before me and the search to find the person who will come on it with me


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