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Sue Bond
How many times have you heard someone say it was when they werent looking for love that they found it? Often theyll say, I had just accepted the possibility that I may not find someone and realized that Id be ok. Or, Its ok if Im single for the rest of my life.

Its a paradox. Were taught to focus on what we want and to take action until we reach our target. Yet if we focus or hold on too tight to the target, it eludes our grasp and gets further and further away.

Whats a single gal or guy to do?

I needed an answer so I called relationship coach Karen Jones. I figured if anyone knew the answer she would.

Karen has been working with and listening to hundreds of single and married women for eight years through her Heart Matters ( coaching company. When I asked her for an explanation of this paradox she explained it like this:

Think of it in terms of energy. There is a flow to it; the more attached you are to an outcome, the more you squeeze the flow, and you either slow it down, divert it, or simply shut if off. I like to use the imagery of being in the shower, and grabbing a bar of soap. If you squeeze too hard the soap jumps out of your hand. Its like that with relationships. If you squeeze too hard around relationship energy it becomes too hard to hold. Loosen your grip, and the soap (relationship) is there.

She then went on to explain the solution.

You have to decide youre just going to be happy in life, no matter what. Make your life work now. Do what you love to do, and spend time in ways that fulfill you. One indirect benefit of that decision (and way of being), is this: that energy is very attractive. Youre doing things that interest you, which will create opportunities for you to meet people that you enjoy; men as well as women whod be good to spend time with.

Just to clarify. This doesnt mean you give up on your vision of having a happy, successful marriage. You need to keep that dream alive in your heart. It does mean you let go of the specific details you have pictured in your mind about your dream. For example: your husband will be 62 tall and have blue eyes and blond hair, youll have 2 kids - a twin boy and girl, and your house will be in this city on this street etc. Trust that your vision will unfold and that it may look very different from your picture. In fact, its often better than what you could have possibly imagined.

Its like this invisible fine-line exists. While you need to clearly see and know what you want and take action to make your intention a reality, at the same time you have to be ok if you dont get it. Expect to get it yet dont be attached to getting the outcome. If you find yourself holding on too tight, just let go and enjoy life. Love may find you.

Sue Bond

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