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Carol Norda
So the big night is quickly approaching, your first big date with the cutie you have been eyeing. So what do you need to get ready for that first big date? You need to look good! First impressions are everything, and everybody likes to know that they are with someone who values and takes care of themselves, so put the extra effort into looking your best.

The fist thing that you need to decide on is what you are going to wear. Of course, this is largely dependent on where you will be going, so if you have that crucial piece of information, you will have a much easier time selecting your outfit. If he has not told you where you will be going on the date, then it is usually a safe bet to dress in a casual yet sharp looking outfit such as a simple dress, or nice slacks and a blouse.

While you might want to get your hair trimmed, if it has been awhile since your last appointment, it is not generally a good idea to try a new style or make a radical change in your hair before a first date. If you are not happy with the outcome of your hair, or not yet comfortable with your new style, that will project in your confidence about yourself and you do not want anything detracting from your personality.

Do not neglect your scent. The sense of smell is a powerful tool when you are trying to create a connection with a member of the opposite sex. You might want to stick with your signature perfume for the first date, or try something new. If you are trying something new, be sure to test it out before the date to see how the smell reacts with your body chemistry. Whatever you do, do not overdo scent; your date should be able to smell it when he is very close to you, not from across the room.

One of the most important aspects for the first date is your mouth. Your date will be spending a lot of time looking at your mouth while you are talking so be sure that your teeth are clean and brushed and there is nothing stuck between them. Also, do a periodic check if you reapply lipstick that it is not on your teeth. And of course, make sure your breath is minty fresh if you want to experience the all-important first kiss.

Carol Norda

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