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New Year customs

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George Eve
As New Year's Day approaches, people around the world plan for the coming year, eager to get off to the best possible start! But how many of us know the real customs that make a New Year?

So let's take a trip down the memory lane and get to know the customs that make and shape New Year. Let's enrich this New Year with in cooperating different New Year's customs in our celebrations and life.

New Year's Resolution

One of the very old New Year's customs is making New Year resolutions. New Year Resolutions is one of the most popular customs followed since the days of the early Babylonians who vowed to return borrowed farm equipment.

Modern New Year resolutions are more about losing weight, exercising, quit smoking etc. This New Year's custom started because it is believed that with the advent of the New Year, one should take up new and good habits and shun away with all evil or bad practices of the previous years.

New Year's Custom - Eat for Luck

In some cultures, ring-shaped foods symbolize completing a year's cycle. It's a New Year's custom to have ring-shaped foods on the New Year's Day. It brings good luck, like the Dutch believe eating donuts is auspicious on the New Year's Day. Other popular foods include black-eyed peas in America typically accompanied by either hog jowls or ham where black-eyed peas and other legumes signify good luck while the hog meat symbolizes prosperity. Other foods that are considered lucky according to New Year's customs include cabbage, as cabbage leaves represent prosperity and paper currency and rice.

New Year's Custom- Scaring the Evil

One old New Year's custom was to make as much noise as possible to scare evil spirits away from the New Year. By the 1700's colonists in America were continuing this custom with cheers, shouting and using noisemakers on New Year's Eve. These customs along with lighting firecrackers, continues to the present day. American celebrations for the New Year begin on the night of December 31. Many people attend parties where at midnight they make noise, cheer, clap, kiss one another and sing an old Scottish song, "Auld Lang Syne."

New Year's Custom - Roman God Janus

January is named for the Roman god, Janus. He is pictured with two faces one looking forward and one looking backward. This symbolizes the connection with both the ending of the old year and the beginning the New Year. This New Year's custom is represented by some idols. An old man with a beard symbolizes the old year and a baby in diapers the New Year.

New Year's Party

George Washington began the custom of holding a party on New Year's Day where everyone was welcome. This became known as having an "open house" and is still done in many places today.

George Eve

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