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Helen Hamilton
Where would we be without Christmas music? Christmas songs are enjoyed my millions every holiday season. This is the time of year, you usually hear old time favorites like Rudolph the Ned Nosed Reindeer and Joy to the World and are enjoyed by children as well as adults.

Can you imagine having a Christmas holiday with no Christmas Music? No Grandma got run over by a reindeer or the all time beloved Jingle Bells song. Music is a must around Christmas time. It sets the entire mood that decorations and presents can't do alone.

These songs can be heard in the stores, on the radio, and in church. Christmas music gives the finishing touches on holiday celebrations. You play it at Christmas parties, as you open presents on Christmas morning and as you trim the tree. Music moves the soul and puts you in a more festive kind of mood.

Christmas music heard in churches are loaded with gospel references and songs like, O' Little Town of Bethlehem are to remind us of how baby Jesus was born on Christmas Day and how important it is to celebrate with joy and singing.

Many traditions of Christmas music include carolers walking around the neighborhood and singing favorites like Silent Night, Joy to the World and We wish you a Merry Christmas to all of their neighbors. These are all songs made to uplift your spirits and to spread Christmas cheer among everyone.

There is even Christmas music aimed at the children. The Chipmunks are famous for singing Christmas carols in the cutest high pitched voices. These are not only loved by kids, but their parents as well.

This year, break out those old records, tapes and cd's and play some Christmas music as you wrap presents, trim the tree, play a Christmas game or cook Christmas dinner. Let the music lead your soul and enjoy this holiday season.

Helen Hamilton

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