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Christmas cookies

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Helen Hamilton
Making Christmas cookies can be loads of fun for children as well as adults. Not only do you get to make them and eat them, sometimes you can put them in a decorative tin and give them away as gifts. Everyone loves receiving a sweet treat as a gift.

Kids love making messes and what better and safer mess is there in the world other than baking Christmas cookies. Most every kids favorite is the ginger bread men cookies. They are petite cookies shaped like little men. The can be decorated with icing to place the eyes, clothes and even tiny buttons.

Baking Christmas cookies puts a warm holiday smell in the air. The smell of cinnamon, chocolate, nutmeg and vanilla fill the house putting even those who are saying, "Bah hum bug!" in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas cookies can be made into all shapes and sizes. Some can be trees, stars, angels, and little snowmen. The list is endless. They can be decorated with many of your favorite goodies as well. Gumdrops, powered sugar, rainbow or chocolate sprinkles, m&m's, and any sweet treat you can imagine. After all, Christmas is all about imagination.

In some homes, baking Christmas cookies is a tradition to be done on Christmas Eve and to leave some out for Santa with a glass of milk. Other homes, they start baking Christmas cookies weeks before Christmas. It all depends on how much spare time you have in this busy world and how much Christmas spirit you have to spread around.

You can start your own Christmas cookies tradition by choosing a special day every year to bake cookies on. Get your children involved and let them make and design their own cookies. Make baking fun and your kids will enjoy it for a lifetime.

Helen Hamilton

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