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Christmas lights

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Helen Hamilton
Many neighborhoods take special pride when it comes to selecting Christmas lights and displaying them. Too many or too little can make a big difference in how your home looks during the festive season. Too much looks very gaudy and too little makes it look as if you were scrimping on Christmas spirit. You should always look for the happy medium.

Christmas lights come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. There are some that blink, some that do the disco, and others just sit there quietly and shine. Some really attractive lights for the holiday season are the icicle lights. These types of lights hang beautifully down from your roof or porch railing and look like lighted icicles.

There are other types of Christmas lights that can be placed outside on the trees, porch and walkway. They are small white lights that can highlight your yard and house with a magical glow. These are very beautiful against a newly white blanket of snow giving your yard a sense of enchantment.

The inside of your house can also be filled with color Christmas lights. Small white lights can be set in garland and placed around a staircase banister or across the mantel. These give a very beautiful glow in a room and gives your entire house that festive feel.

For your tree, you must find the right color and pattern of Christmas lights. Decide on if you'd like one color or many different colors. Or maybe you'd like one color but for them to be blinking. There are many, many combinations and it all depends on what your preference is.

Some people decide on lights that will sparkle and twinkle on their ornaments, making them stand out more. Others like the pattern of multi-colored lights as they brighten up any room. It's all a matter of likes and dislikes and what is too much and what is not enough. Christmas lights are one of the best features about Christmas.

Helen Hamilton

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