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Paola e Irina
The favorite holiday, I guess not only mine but the most of Soviet children, wasn't Christmas as in all other countries, we celebrated New Year. Our Santa Claus's name is Father Frost. He also brings presents but as I remember in our family like in all families of my friends there wasn't tradition to put presents under the New Year Tree. We got small bags with sweets and fruits at our kindergartens and schools. At home there was the smell of the holiday: the pine (always true one), oranges and tangerines, which we usually saw only this time of year.

It's hard to explain why every year the strange mood came just this only day. It seems that something very good should happen and bring a lot of joy and happiness. Even grown- ups became like children and let themselves to believe the fairy-tales at least a little. There is a kind of magic in this border between two years. All bad things and events stay in the past and the future must be better, nobody could stay why must it be such but just must. The life without illusions would be so dull and gloomy! I guess, it isn't important that nobody knocks at your door just this magic night, no good news come, and a lot of no, no, no... Dreams are needed just to make our life more beautiful, it would be stupid to wait of their realization.

During my childhood there weren't many TV. programs for children and we ran home from the street to watch a short cartoon which lasted only 10-15 minutes. I still remember my dream to buy such TV.set which would show only cartoons for all day long, it seemed as impossible as a magic stick. Well, but during New Year holiday and till 11th of January when our winter holidays finished a lot of movies for children were showed.

My mother put a warm cover on the carpet in the middle of our living-room for me and two my little sisters and we had a great time watching T.V. and eating something tasty. And what a pleasure it was to have right not to go to bed at the usual time but stay with parents at the table even after midnight!

Paola e Irina

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