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St. Valentine in Ukraine

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First of all a bit of history. The Sacred Valentine was born in an Italian city of Terni in Roman empire in the III century. He became a priest. Valentine helped loving couples to write letters with declarations of love, reconciled quarreled, gave flowers to young spouses - so, in a word, he helped them in everything. In that far severe time a Roman emperor Julias Klavdy II forbidden soldiers to marry. Despite of an interdiction, the young priest Valentine secretly married off all interested persons. He was sentenced to death for it. He was executed on February, 14 in the year of 269. Before execution he left a letter with a declaration of love to a girl. From here there appeared valentine cards for beloved, brides and fiancés.

After two hundred years Valentine was proclaimed the Sacred of all in love. The world festival of declarations of love is celebrated now everywhere in Russia and Ukraine. According to national fairy tales, this is the day when all birds choose a pair to themselves. Similar to them, Ukraine brides start searching for a spouse or wait for love messages from men.

It is difficult to tell, what holiday is popular so much as St. Valentine's Day. This day all loving couples give each other gifts and valentine cards. The most part of such cards is anonymous, has no return address, is written from right to left or with the left hand. So it is considered to be mysterious. But addressees are compelled then to search for the anonymous envoy if believe in destiny.

Every nation celebrates the Valentine's Day differently. The British, for example, send love messages not only to friends and acquaintances on the Valentine's Day, but also to their pets (it is so lovely from their side, isn't it?). The Japanese are more original - they have altered February 14 to some kind of "8th of March for men" when gifts are received basically by the stronger sex.

The most widespread gift in this day is still chocolate. Those men who are older and more solid invite brides on tradition in a restaurant for romantic dinner, give flowers and jewelry. The main thing to remember is that the most important gift is attention. Therefore love your beloved, tell them words about love more often, give flowers and not only on Valentine's Day!

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