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Cliff Montgomery
Its said that Freuds dying words were,What do women want? With all the contrasting images and concepts flying around today, that lack of knowledge has only gotten worse.

Lets start with some of the more prevalent theories out there (and take notice of how these theories and studies counter one another). Heres a piece on 'what do women want' from a British womens mag called Eve:

Women 'want real men who have lived a little'

Forget boy bands and football stars, a new survey says what women want is real men who have lived a little.

James Bond star Pierce Brosnan has been voted the most eligible among this group of more mature males.

More than 3,000 women took part in an internet survey for this week's edition of Eve magazine and concluded the 47-year-old Irish born actor was the older man with the licence to thrill.

Brosnan's Bond predecessor Sir Sean Connery, 70, came third, with voters admiring his cross-generational sex appeal.

Also making the top 10 were former US President Bill Clinton and singer Sting. The Prince of Wales appeared at number 18 in the list.

Eve's editorial director, Gill Hudson, said: "Our readers are real women with real lives and they want their men to be three-dimensional too. Being successful is not enough. Being a good partner, a loving father, showing a sense of community, or fighting for a belief are just as important qualities, if not more so."

Cliff Montgomery

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