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Jon Henshaw
We use love to describe a diverse range of feelings and pleasures; "I love my car," "We made love," "I love you." Greek and Latin terminology divides love into several different words that describe each type of love:

Eros: Sexual Love

Ludis: Flirtatious Love

Philo: Brotherly Love

Storge: Friendship Love

Pragma: Logical Love

Mania: Smothering Love

Agape: Divine Love

Although several types of love play an important role in marriage, it's Agape love that acts as "relationship glue". Agape love is often described as, "Self-sacrificing love. Altruistic love that is experienced by people willing to do things for another person with no expectations."

In marriage, Agape love is a commitment to love your spouse, even when you don't feel like it.

Agape Love helps keep marriages together by:

Not giving up on each other during difficult moments

Maintaining fidelity when you're attracted to another person

Compromising, and not always getting your way

Showing respect; not belittling, berating or ignoring your spouse

Being attentive to your spouse's needs and feelings

One key to establishing and maintaining Agape love in your relationship is mutual giving. If both partners choose to offer self-sacrificing love, both will receive it

Jon Henshaw

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