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A refreshing benefit of online dating is honesty. You can reveal things about yourself that you usually hide or play down without any fear of losing out in the dating stakes. For one thing, you're completely anonymous and for another, online dating services have so many members that you'd have to be extremely unusual or undesirable not to attract your fair share of admirers, warts and all!

You can be you

Think of online dating as a journey into a new city where no one knows you. You dont have to live up to any expectations, play any roles or be anything other than the person you really are. You can start a relationship as the real you."

Healthier relationships

Online as well as off, relationships don't always work out but admitting it is much easier online. Thanks to the slower pace, you can call it quits before any serious emotions come into play and if hurt feelings are inevitable, anonymity and physical separation make it easier to break up and move on. Its a benefit of online dating that appeals to the coward in all of us! But it means you wont find yourself trapped in a dead-end relationship as happens so often offline.


You can hang around in your PJs with a bowl of snacks, your favorite music, maybe a glass of wine, and enjoy getting to know people from the safety and comfort of home.


Yes, online dating is safe. No ones going to mess with your drink, sneak a peek at your ID, follow you home or take advantage of the fact that youve had a few drinks too many. You get the idea. Follow some basic safety tips and use you common sense, and online dating is as safe and in many ways safer than dating offline.

Open all hours

If youre too busy to lead a social active life or one of those great people who keep the world turning while the rest of us get mix and mingle, the benefits of online dating are available when you are, 24/7.

Ease back into dating

For the newly single, an advantage of online dating is that you can get back into the swing of things without actually having to meet anyone. Its also a safe and effective way to renew your self-esteem, confidence and optimism following a painful break-up.

So there you have it - the practical as well as emotional advantages of online dating, and plenty of both. If you'd like to enjoy the benefits of online dating yourself - and why not, you've got nothing to lose!


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