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Perry Rose
Are you having a bit of a time getting men to ask you out? Are you having a bit of a time JUST getting them to notice you?! Ouch!

As surprising as this may sound, EVEN attractive women with a body to match has problems trying to get men to approach them for a date.

Ok, now that is odd!

Actually, it isn't all that hard to put them on your trail.

Do these three things, and you'll definitely notice something different...they'll be following you! Well, hopefully.


First off, wear men's most favorite perfumes, which are Candies and White Diamond. Of course there are others, but these two brands seems to be the most popular.

If you are an older woman who is, say, in her forties, yes, Candies is marketed for the younger generation, but men could care less! They love the hint of its sweet scent.

ALWAYS smell nice, even if you are going out for a quick errand!


Wear attractive clothes men like. Sundresses, short skirts, tank tops in pretty, solid colors, khakis with a shirt that is in a nice solid bright blue color....

Don't wear any dull or odd-looking colors, like black, brown, dull gray, green....

Just like the perfume, wear these attractive clothes EVERY TIME you go out! Even if it is JUST a quick errand.

Hey, you never know when that right guy will come along, so why not always be prepared to grab his attention?


If you think you aren't that attractive, wearing nice-looking, sexy clothes will help. Don't you think the same can be said for the men? Well, ok, then.


And this is the most important!

Men can't read your minds. So, if you are thinking to yourself, "God, I wish he'd come over here to say hello to me." then you need to say it with your eyes. In addition, many people are on the go and they have their minds elsewhere, so you need to sort of slap these guys upside their head.

Yea, yeah, I know, men are always thinking about women, but you'd be surprised that some don't, and if that particular guy you're looking at is one of them, well, you need to make the move.

With every guy you find attractive, position yourself to where you can walk right by him, then get ready to smile and give him that look if he looks at you. If he does, say with your eyes, "Hi, I'm interested in you. Ask me out." You know the look. After doing that, look down and to the side in a shy manner, and then quickly look back at him again, and then back down again. (If you don't know how to do the look, practice it. It ain't hard to do! Geez!)

Immediately look behind you, in case he looks back at you. If he does, give him that same look again, but this time don't look down, just turn your head and keep walking. Looking down for the third time is too much.

It doesn't matter if you aren't shy at all. The action will tell him you are interested. Yes, of course you can simply look him straight in the eye, smile, and say hello, but for some reason men react more to the shy look.

If you're bold enough, try walking right smack into him, then excuse yourself, while giving him that look. Be sure to look back at him with that same look, in case he looks back.

Imagine you doing this wherever you go. ... The grocery store, the mall, out on the street...

And all you have to do is give them that look. That's it!

Do this with as many men as you can, and you'll find your date card filled until you find that right guy for you!

Ok, I know what many of you are thinking: Look, stupid, I'll just walk up to him and introduce myself.

Well, that's ok for you, and you don't have problems getting dates, but just because you can doesn't mean every other woman can. It takes nerves of steel to walk up to complete strangers out in the street, the mall or in the grocery store and say, "Hi, my name is Mary, and I'd love to have a drink with you."

Many men can't even do this because it is too awkward. Being in a nightclub or bar is one thing, but when it's outside those areas, it's like it becomes a totally different world. Men and women who don't have problems approaching each other in bars and nightclubs suddenly clam up when out in the street, or in the grocery store. They're out of their element. Weird, huh?

Many singles think, Well how would this look, me walking up to a stranger out of the blue like this? What would he/she be thinking of me....

There are a lot of people who just can't be that bold, so, for you women who aren't bold, and you're downright shy in this area, this little look you give him is perfect, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE!

And remember, many of us, men and women, have our minds on other things, so if it's a Tuesday afternoon and you're at the post office during your lunch hour and you see that guy you'd love to meet, you need to get his mind off of work and / or what he needs to do that day, and start focusing it on you!

Perry Rose

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