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Perry Rose
Before anything, if you think all women are basically the same, this alone can hurt your chances in trying to meet that right woman for you. I once attended a workshop for men on dating women (Yes, there are workshops like that.), and there was this one man who stood out from all the rest. He was an average-looking, nice, sociable guy, but he was very opinionated with his views on attractive women. He exclaimed that attractive women are basically all the same. He thought, no...he knew that an attractive woman would not date not date a guy who wasn't as good looking as she, and if he was short. He also thought that the beautiful women only wanted the guy who had a lucrative career. He was dwelling on this so much that it even got to the point where he was beginning to think all women were like this. Little did he realize that his thinking was actually hurting his chances in ever trying to find that right one for him, whether or not he had the money or the looks, because all women would see this negative attitude in him. He wouldn't be treating women as nice as he should be.

The head of the workshop and a few others tried telling him that, but they got nowhere fast. It was pretty obvious that this guy was meeting the wrong type of women, time after time after time. If all you do is keep meeting and dating women who are either bitches and / or materialistic (just because they are so attractive), well then it's hard not to think they are ALL like that.

Look at it like this, if you are of medium height, 5'8" and you have slightly below-average looks and you wanted to date an attractive woman, you can expect to ask at least 10 women for a date before meeting the one who will go out with you. If she is beautiful, expect that number to be at least 20. If you were in a room full of 100 beautiful women, expect only around 5 to give you a chance. With numbers like that, it is hard to say: Not all women are the same. It just seems that way. You have to realize that the more attractive, or beautiful women you approach, the better your chances in meeting that one who will go out with you. Many men would prefer to be with the cute and pretty ones instead.

If you have a negative view on something, it will show on you. She will see it. If all you do is think that all a woman looks for in a man is his wallet, and judges him by his looks and his height, then that attitude will come out once again when you are with yet another woman, trying to find a stable relationship. How can any man get close to a woman and try to develop something with her when he thinks like that? If she starts doing the littlest of things that he doesn't like, it will irritate him more than the man who doesn't have a set conception on what all women are like.

In his book, SEX-PLOYTATI0N, Matthew Fitzgerald categorizes all women as manipulative, materialistic whores who expect men to pay their way. The thesis of his book is that women are nothing but prostitutes preying on the hard work and sexual vulnerability of men. I hope this guy is writing like this to just sell books, because it doesn't even come close to the real truth about ALL women. Yes, there are a lot of women who manipulate men, mostly through sex, and yes there are some, okay, a good many who look at a guy by what he drives and his profession, especially the beautiful ones, BUT NOT ALL OF THEM! If you think like this and at the same time you want to get married, you are already in trouble. Yes, it is hard to keep from thinking that all women are nothing but whores looking for a sugar daddy if you keep running into them, time after time after time. Unfortunately it appears that Mr. Fitzgerald has a lousy track record with women. And that's another thing. If all you do is choose women because of their looks and not what their personality and character is like, well then you are going to get a bitch. You are the problem, not the women. Now, it's obvious that if you drive a sports car down the highway, women are going to look your way. But don't we all? If we see something we like, we are going to look. So what? That doesn't mean we are a materialistic and shallow society. And that doesn't mean she is either. We just like looking at nice things. Men who think otherwise have been hanging out with the wrong women. Probably just like Fitzgerald. Then they think all women are like this. California is a perfect example. It's the capital of materialism. If you grew up there, can you help to not think ALL women, everywhere, are manipulative, shallow and materialistic?

In her book, WHAT THE HELL DO WOMEN REALLY WANT? (From first printing), Dr. Jama Clark also states that women judge men by his profession and what he drives. She gives the impression that all women are like this. It's obvious to me, and should be obvious to you also that she is one of those women you should avoid like the black plague. Her thoughts on this stick out like a sore thumb. It's books like these that brain washes a good many men. Here are some of her warped advice from her book (from the first printing.):

Women are attracted to his status.

Women are attracted to a man's height and physical strength.

Women are turned off by men who don't make as much as them.

If you are more than ten years older than she is, she will not find you attractive if you look older than she does.

You should buy height-enhancing shoes if you are short. THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU SHOULD DO BECAUSE THOSE SHOES HAVE TO COME OFF EVENTUALLY!

If you are short, go to places where Latin and Asian women hang out. Yes, she actually stated that! I guess Clark thinks there aren't that many short American women out there, or that ALL women don't like short men. It's obvious she doesn't, so she naturally assumes ALL women are like this also.

Perry Rose

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