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Perry Rose
Now, even though not all women are the same, there are still plenty of liars and cheaters out there. You know how some men will cheat on women, and jerk them around, emotionally, and lie to them. Well women can be just as bad. They too can lie, manipulate and not call you back. We don't think that a woman would do such a thing, becauseshe is a woman. And if she acts sweet and thoughtful around you, like a lady does, well you can be easily fooled. Then your emotional innards will be crushed after she shows her true self. You will then have that empty feeling inside of you. I know this feeling all too well, because I once went out with a very attractive woman, who I thought I was definitely out of her league. She seemed to enjoy my company though, and she even wanted to go out with me again. She was also a very sexual woman who loved sex. Well, from what she told me, anyway. I thought I was lucky to be with such a creature. I called her the next day to set up another date but got her answering machine instead. I left her a message, but she didn't return it. I left her a second message, and again, she didn't return it. It was obvious by then that I was being teased during that date. In addition to that, I highly suspected that the only reason she went out with me to begin with is because she had nothing else to do. This left me empty inside, because I had high hopes, and the fact that she seemed to like being with me and wanted to go out again. But, that empty feeling didn't last long, because I realized that there are other women who are just as good looking and enjoys sex just as much as her.

Another woman, who I also presumed to be very nice, also lied to me. We met through love@aol, and we corresponded via E-mail for about a week. One time she stated that she prayed for me while at church. Yes, she was a churchgoer, but not a religious fanatic. Well, with that, you would think she would be truthful. Throughout our corresponding she told me how she kept meeting men who lied to her and / or would just up and stop calling her. She stated that she really liked me and that I made her laugh, but she couldn't completely fall for me because she thought that I may stop corresponding to her. Well, in the end, it was her who stopped communicating with me. I called her on her cell phone, left her a message, asking her to at least E-mail me, letting me know what was going on. She never did. The whole thing was very ironic, because she told me that she would never do such a thing, yet a couple of days later she did it. I never found out why she did this to me. So much for this nice, churchgoing woman who thought that I would maybe do a 360 degree on her, and, who would "never do such a thing." So, yes, many women can come off as this very nice lady, the kind you would want to take home to your mom, but in reality she isn't. She can be just like the man who lies to women all the time, she just up and leaves without saying why, and, will cheat on you. Even that presumably sweet woman may be seeing another guy. In the first few months or so of dating her, take what she tells you with a grain of salt. Now I'm not saying all women are like this. Just keep in mind that many of them are just as bad as men.

And how can you protect yourself emotionally from these kinds of women? By telling yourself over and over again that not all women are like this, and that there will be a better woman just down the street from this lying bitch. There are women all over the place. You can easily find that very cute woman, with a great body and who loves sex, because they are all around you. Forget the ones who lied to you and / or treated you like shit. Keep telling yourself this over and over again, while at the same time asking other women out. Replace that empty feeling she gave you by going out with another woman. Don't let her get you thinking with your dick. Bitches like that love doing that to men. Don't ever call a woman more than twice. If she doesn't return your second call, find another woman. Act like a man, not a whipped schoolboy.

Perry Rose

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