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Oliver Jameson
So you screwed up. You had to open your mouth, sleep with another woman or do something equally stupid. Now you're alone, pining for the woman you're crazy about. So it's time to practice the art of diplomacy by speaking calmly and sincerely, and, more importantly, bending over backwards as far as you can. With gentle persuasion and heartfelt apologies, you may just convince her to take you back. A big fat apology gift never hurts either.

she still likes you

Okay, so the title of this article betrays its purpose. You can't win her back; she's not some athletic prize that you will have to compete for to reclaim. You want her to forgive you, to see that you truly regret your errors and that you want to be a better man for her. You want a second chance.

First, give yourselves a cool-off period. Then, you must ignore all the sappy stunts that work in the movies. Now follow this advice.

Number 10

Be sincere

Don't try to BS your way back into her heart because her lie detector is sharp. Be honest with her. Tell her what led you to do what you did and how you've learned from it. Convince her you can't stand being without her.

Number 9

Buy her a special gift

Though she'd probably take you back with the help of a Tiffany's diamond necklace, chances are you can't afford it. Instead, opt for a gift that has special meaning. Find something that evokes an intimate moment you shared. It'll remind her of the special times, and make her nostalgic.

Do you both love the theater? Get her tickets to the hot new play in town. Did you spend hours driving late at night looking for a 24-hour veterinarian for her sick cat? Get her a fancy feline jamboree to keep Boots healthy. Did she ever swoon over a dress that Catherine Zeta-Jones wore in a movie? Get her that dress. Use your imagination.

Number 8

Take her out on a date

If things settle down and you start seeing each other in a platonic setting, remind her how romantic you can be. Recreate the magic of your first date. Order the same dishes, and talk to her like you did when you were trying to impress her. Reminisce about the good times. Do whatever it takes to get her to see you in a positive light.

Number 7

Look good

By exercising, eating healthy and dressing well, you'll show her that you'll go that extra mile to keep her interested. Go back to the gym. Renew your wardrobe with threads that'll impress her. She'll notice the effort.

Living well will boost your well-being and prevent you from becoming obsessed with the one who got away.

Number 6

Tell her you still love her

Women are always waiting to hear those words, and they never fail to produce the desired effect when said at the right moment. That means you don't just blurt them out. Wait for a moment when you're alone and you feel that romantic magic, like during a moonlit walk or over a nice dinner. Be original in your delivery -- that doesn't mean using the jumbo screen at the baseball game.

And you have to mean it. Oh, do you have to mean it. She'll know it if you don't.

Number 5

Remind her what she's missing

You may have to appeal to her jealousy to rekindle her passion for you. This means creating an artificial air of desirability by surrounding yourself with attractive women. Whether they're past lovers, female friends or new acquaintances, be seen as an object of desire. Then approach her as a friend and see how quickly she'll forget about your misdeeds.

This is a risky move, but can be effective if done right. Don't act cocky or ignore her completely. Just calmly enjoy the company you're in. However, if you cheated on her with a prettier woman, ignore this advice altogether.

Number 4

Communicate with her

She has likely voiced complaints about what a lousy communicator you are. Prove her wrong by talking beyond grunts. Clarify misunderstandings. Let her know what you've been thinking. Work things out. You should bring up past problems and understandings and show her how you'll address them. Ask her to talk about other concerns she's had. And listen very, very attentively. She'll see you're mature enough to pay attention to her needs as well.

Number 3

Be a challenge

If you really want her back, don't settle for being her friend in the long run. If you want this woman, go to the ends of the earth for her, but by all means, be cool about it. Show desperation and you'll really blow it; but seem entirely apathetic and she'll think you don't care anymore. Show her you care, but don't get down on your knees.

Number 2

Show her you've changed

Saying "I'm willing to change" won't cut it. Your actions will speak much louder than your words, which right now have as much reliability as the spam in her inbox. Recognize what you did wrong and let her know that you recognize it. Then work to never repeat it again.

For instance, does she complain that you never listen? Then be quiet and hear what she has to say. Has she accused you of being crass and self-centered? Then start doing things she enjoys.

Number 1

Be the man she loved

You know what she loves about you, so make the effort to cultivate these qualities and suppress the bad ones (at least in front of her). Be the man she fell in love with and show her you can make the sacrifice. By taking the time and making an effort to get her back, she'll see that you care for her.

Oliver Jameson

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