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Well, I was born, when I was about 9 months old.

Years went by with Finnish winters that are dark and cold.

3 decades and nothing, but then, by wizard I was told.

He showed me lines that can never be sold:

These are the words you must behold;

it's time to break the mold,

find your way but do not use glimmering gold.

Release your mind and let your poems unfold.

So I did and stepped over roaming boredom.

Under clear blue mind I beheld the lines of freedom:

Ignorance, mind's black dance in dark and shady kingdom.

Knowledge, mind's clear edge. If based on one book, it's far from

Understanding, sometimes aching, but it leads to the palace o' wisdom.

I do not write constantly but think about it everyday.

Ask me about famous poets, and I have to say:

I dont know but I can give you 2 musicians to go.

One of them is Marc Bolan,

his lyrics, as hot as Mambo Sun.

Through Planet Queen and unknown galaxies,

you fly on wings of his colourful melodies.

He adored and he knew how to brass.

By creating timeless,

he knew that lifes a gas.

The other one is Joe Strummer,

his anger, against cruelty, like a hammer.

No change for world leaders to pass his crammer.

His legacy: music, and a forest full of trees.

Now, he is sailing through eternal seas,

but in here he left the keys:

If youre after getting the honey,

then you dont go killing all the bees.


P.S. A poem is an aftershock of a certain feeling and some

of the poems have the key to eternal youth but none

of them can tell the truth.

If you're interested, then please use the link below

and put Vermilion Flame in the slot.

Thank you!


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