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David DeAngelo
Let's talk about how to deal with women when meeting them via the personals.

First of all, imagine what it's like to be a woman who's running a personal ad.

1) She'll get dozens of responses a day, in most cases.

2) Most of the responses are from desperate loser guys who make it very clear that they are not at all attractive.

3) Within a few days all of the guys seem to blur together into one big mass of exactly what she isn't looking for.

If you're going to play the personals, stay current with them, and contact women as soon as they place their ad. This way you'll be one of the first to start a conversation with her... as opposed to the 497th guy.

Second, forget about trying to respond to a woman's personal ad by reading it, thinking about it, considering what she's looking for, and then responding in a way that she will find interesting.

No no no!

The one thing that NO female personal ad has EVER mentioned is what makes her feel ATTRACTION for a man.

So let's play this out.

You're a woman who's tired of playing the dating game, meeting guys at bars, or whatever... and you think "Hey, maybe I should place a personal ad and see if I can meet a nice guy." So you get online and see an ad for a free trial at a personal ad site, and you go for it.

The first day of your ad, you get 35 responses. You're thinking "Wow, this is cool. I'm going to be able to choose between all these guys... there HAS to be a few good ones in here..." so you go to work reading through them.

The first one says "I'm a DWM, 45, two kids, looking for a SWF for a LTR...."

You're so bored that you delete it thinking to yourself "I hope they're not all that boring."

Second one says "Hi, you're really hot. If you'd like to get together for some "no strings attached" physical fun, get back to me. I'm very into giving pleasure..."


And on and on... and the next day there are 35 more full of the same stuff...

If you think that I'm exaggerating, just ask a few women who have run personals. This is real world.

With that said, if you're going to work with the personals, you need to do a few things to:

1) Get her attention and stand out.

2) Come across as something OTHER than a loser.

3) Get her to answer you, then get her on the phone ASAP, before she tunes out from all the responses.

To answer your first question, YES you should be cocky and funny with personals! As a matter of fact, you need to turn up the volume for this special occasion...

Here's an example of something I might say:

"Well, you sound like you might be more than just another pretty face. Something tells me that you're probably getting about 50 emails a day from loser guys saying things like "Hi, I'm freshly divorced from my seventh wife, have 5 delinquent kids... but the good news is that I have a good chance at finally getting a job..." etc.

In any event, I'm 35, have my life together, and I'm more than the usual amount of interesting and funny, so you'd better like to laugh.

You sound like you might make an interesting friend, so let's get together for a cup of something delicious and some interesting conversation... if you think you can handle it, that is!"

I can see it now... you're probably already going out and signing up for ten online personal sites and you're thinking "Hey, cool... I'll just cut and paste what David D. wrote here and the chicks will bangin' my door down."

Well, in fact that might happen. And I'd recommend that you test this one out...

But here are a few more tips for you, based on a LOT of experience:

1) If you're going to use the personals, you have to STAY ON TOP OF THEM. You want to be one of the first 10 people to email a woman! Not number 293. Yes, this means paying attention.

2) You need to do something to make it personal. Use your cocky and funny skills to talk about something she said in her ad. If she's into dogs, say "Hey, let's go down to the pet store and see if we can't get your pooch one of those extra-fancy chew toys that are like Krispy Kremes for dogs." Use your imagination, and stay cocky and funny.

3) Get her on the phone as soon as you possibly can. Remember, even though she sounds like she likes you in the first email or two, she's STILL GETTING 40 MORE GUYS SENDING HER RESPONSES EVERY DAY. If you don't get her on the phone fast, you'll just fade into the pool of losers in her mind.

Try a cocky funny response like this:

"Wow, you're a real person. Great. I guess we have a couple of options here. We could start an email relationship, fall madly in love, and maybe even get a priest to marry us in a live chat ceremony...

Then again, maybe we could get together for a cup of tea and some stimulating conversation and make friends. And then after I can validate that you're actually the cute gal in this picture I saw of you, we can talk about the online marriage thing.

David DeAngelo

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