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Coming up with something interesting to do has a lot of benefits. It can add excitement to your first date, simply because it's new for either or both of you. It can also show how much fun you can be, and it can set the stage for a good time, no matter what your feelings about each other turn out to be.

Be as creative as you can in coming up with new ideas. Think about what would be different for you. What have you always wanted to do but didn't want to do on your own? Ask friends for inspiration, or look at newspapers and magazines for ideas about what's going on around town.

Consider these unusual ideas for the first date:

An experimental theater troupe's performance

A yoga class

An afternoon at a health club, working out together, playing racquetball, or taking an exercise class

Sky-diving, hang-gliding, ballooning, or bungee-jumping (for the more daring)

A helicopter ride

A hike

Horseback-riding or bike-riding

Skating or roller-blading

A ferry ride or boat cruise (either in the afternoon or evening) that goes around the city

A trip to a more unusual museum, such as a geological or science museum

A rodeo

A dog, cat, or horse show

An exhibition (gift show, car show) at a civic or convention center

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