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Besides just being a fun thing to do, flirting can be an effective method for getting to know a person. Remember the following anagram -- FLIRTS -- to help you get the most out of flirting.

F is for Flattery. The fastest way to a person's heart is to find something you truly appreciate about the way that person looks or acts and then compliment it. However, make sure your compliments are sincere (there's no sense saying "You have beautiful eyes" when they're obviously not).

L is for Listen. Get him to talk about what he really cares about and listen attentively. The most powerful aphrodisiac is your undivided attention.

I is for Interest. Find a common interest. Remember, similar tastes and interests are the best foundations for a good relationship.

R is for being Responsible. Be truthful, careful, and clear about your interests and intentions. Don't hurt or lead anyone on or choose inappropriate flirting partners, such as your friend's boyfriend or girlfriend.

T is for Trusting yourself. Believe that you can do it, survive it, and come out winning friends and feeling good about yourself.

S is for a winning Smile. The old saying is true. Smile and the whole world smiles back at you.


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