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The following list contains things that you should be aware of when going out on a date. This is general knowledge that you must posses in order to have a successful date. So if you think you might need a little help in one of these areas, be sure to really work on them. You will find that when you have mastered these things, having a successful date will start to become a common occurrence.

Use good hygiene when preparing for a date. Remember nobody wants to be with someone that stinks.

When applying perfume or cologne. Be sure not to drench yourself, the smell should be subtle not overwhelming.

Treat your date as an equal. If you do not accomplish this, your chances of having a successful date will have become almost impossible.

Listen to your date, as they will generally give helpful hints to what they would like to talk about.

Do not monopolize the conversation.

Be sure to give the other person a good taste of who you are.

Be sincere in what you do. Remember most people can tell when someone is insincere and this is obviously an unattractive quality. So do not say things that you do not truly believe. For instance, do not make a comment on someones smile unless you truly feel that way.

Relax and be yourself.

Be open minded towards the other person.

Its a good idea to remember the breath mints. No one like to be with someone whos breath smells like a sewer.

Try to be outgoing, as this is an attractive characteristic. This helps the other person to get to know you quicker.


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