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Ruth D. Kerce
Is your relationship in a rut or getting stale? Need something to spice it up? Plan a romantic rendezvous. Add excitement by making the encounter something you wouldn't normally do or someplace you wouldn't normally go. It doesn't necessarily have to be spontaneous. A planned encounter can be just as exciting.

Need some suggestions? Try one of these:

1. Nooner at a Motel.

Meet your love at a motel on your lunch hour for some quick fun. Make sure you can get a room though. You don't want to waste time driving from place to place.

2. Pick-up at a Bar.

One of you go into an establishment and sit at the bar. The other can come in and try to pick you up. It's sure to cause some heads to turn and get the heart racing. Don't make it easy. Have fun with word games and pick-up lines.

3. Treasure Hunt.

Send your partner a series of notes with directions on them. Have your love find your secret treasures -- such as a garter belt, lacy bra, sheer stockings, etc. -- and the final treasure is finding YOU.

If you and your partner think it through, I'm sure you can come up with some interesting scenarios of your own. Make a list and try one a month. You'll both look forward to it, and your excitement will build with the anticipation of each new rendezvous.

Ruth D. Kerce

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