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Nate Lovestruck
Does this person like me? Of course they like me, but what are they looking for? They seem to treat me really good, but are theyre intentions the same as mine? These are all questions one may have ask themselves after realizing they're interested in someone that wasnt originally intended to be a romance. The hardest part of this all is deciphering the difference between someone wanting to be friends and someone wanting to be more, you get mixed signals what are you suppose to think?

Its a tough call but first things first. You must evaluate if your ready to make the move, to take the risk. The fear of failure, the chance of awkwardness, these are just a few of the things that may cross your mind. Although confronting them may seem nothing short of nerve racking it is essential for your mental health. Often people that get stuck in this situation over analyze things endlessly. He touched my hand, we laughed all night, she always stares into my eyes when we talk. This must mean theyre into me right? Not necessarily, friends flirt, its fun, its playful, it makes the friendship closer having a light attraction to each other. Even though this person may have no intentions whatsoever in tasting the fine wine that is you. The reason it is essential for you to speak your mind, is that if you dont youll never know. Youll keep loving from a far, getting deeper and deeper in the pit of infatuation. Wondering if your neurotic for even thinking such a thing.

In the end the biggest thing you have to remind yourself is whats they worst that could happen. Even though it feels like its a big deal it isnt. Its not like your going to insult them by confronting them, if anything its flattering. If things dont go the way you plan, it may be odd for a few days but it will get better and things will go back to normal. So you have nothing to loose. Put on some nice cloths, beam confidence and find out what this persons true feelings are. Make a move, or have a conversation, make your point clear. Some of the best relationships start from a good friendship.

Nate Lovestruck

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