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Natural charm will get you far, but having the opportunity to actually dazzle others with it will take some work. For example, you can make eye contact and smile at the fine-looking individual across the bar all you want, but when it comes down to nailing a date, you probably will need to do some fancy footwork to make the approach. Never fret though; getting someone's undivided attention is easier than it sounds. All you need is to choose a pickup style that fits your personality. Once you have a well established game plan, you can beat most odds.

Personalized Pickup

Most people take interest at the first sign of original thought. Maybe it's because very few people have the energy or desire to come up with a new angle. Nonetheless, the second someone approaches us with a line we've never heard before, we definitely take notice.

If you're someone who has a problem with spontaneous thinking or coming up with a unique approach, never consider this a drawback. Treating each potential date as an independent person will give you major bonus points in the creativity department. As for all of those without this particular talent, you will have to push your observation skill up some notches in order to learn something unique about the person you're eyeing. If you tailor your approach to match that particular moment, you will be finding that perfect someone before you know it.

Aggressive Pickup

Some people really believe in taking all matters into their own hands. If you want to get to the point as soon as possible, you can always use the aggressive routine. Informing someone that you won't take 'No' for an answer may be old news, but you'll be surprised at how many times this strategy still works. By being aggressive, you are actually preventing that person from having to make difficult decisions about their romantic lives.

Be aware that this approach will probably fail when used on other aggressive individuals. When you use the aggressive strategy on other aggressive, independent people, you will probably end up just locking horns. Just remember that persistence and harassment are two different subjects altogether. The aggressive approach should only be used when you know when to call it a day.

Seductive Pickup

Few situations in life can compare to meeting an individual who has mastered the art of seduction. But mastering the art of seduction is not an easy task. If your seduction strategy borders on the obscene, you'll be much safer using the many other approaches. But, if you have yet to get slapped or a drink thrown into your face, the seductive approach may be just the thing for you.

All you really need to do is think of a very provocative image to get you in the mood. Then when you approach that special someone, use a very slow gait and make intense eye contact with them. Look at them as if they were not wearing any clothes. It's actually the surest way to get someone in the mood. When you actual speak, less is more. Say only a dignified compliment, such as "I find you very exciting." Try this method for yourself, it might be the one that works and then it might not.

Flattering Pickup

Flattery is a wonderful way of winning your way into someone with good graces. If you can deliver a genuine compliment, then you may just find yourself using this traditional pickup strategy. The master key to giving the best compliments is to first identify what that special someone values most, then to expound upon it. For example, a woman wearing new fashionable clothing would probably appreciate a compliment about it.

The most important aspect of this pickup strategy is being discreet. Do not over-compliment a person. Too many compliments will always lead to discomfort and embarrassment of the individual you are complimenting. Everyone likes to be noticed, but nobody likes to be overwhelmed with drool and a slopped approach.

Honest Pickup

I know that it my sound corny, but there are times when honestly is truly the best and only effective policy. Even though you can never call honesty a "pickup" tactic, many dating arrangements and connections have been made by the best approach possible. It involves going up to that special someone of interest and letting them know how you feel about them and asking to spend time with them. Like any other pickup tactic, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but at least it's always genuine.

Hopeless Pickup

This approach involves making a display out of pretending you're lost, searching for a misplaced item (maybe a contact lens) or dropping something. With this approach, you never have to put yourself out on the line. When it comes to pickup strategies, this one's definitely the safest way to go.

Every single person could probably write a book about the pickup lines that they have heard or come across in their dating lives. Some individuals say that only the genuine lines work and others say only the humorous or creative lines work. Whatever you believe in, there is no such thing as a extremely bad line, just a really bad delivery. Whatever line you hear or tell, you must truly understand the intention behind it


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