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Marie Clare
So, tonights the night. You want to have a Romantic evening with your Lady. Whats this, hesitation? O.K. your nervous, what if you cant pull this off? Well, let me help! Ill walk you through a complete Romantic Day fit for a Queen. Your sweetie will feel so loved, she will be amazed with all the effort you put into this one day just for her. Now, as explained in my book the Ultimate Online Dating Handbook youll need to start planning this a few days in advance.

On the day you choose as the Romantic day start with this: Once your Love leaves for work send her an email that will be there when she opens the morning emails. Keep it fairly short. Say something like, I miss you already, so I am making today your Romantic Day! All my Love (you). Now youve made your sweetie very curious as to what it is you have up your sleeve.

Next, have flowers delivered to her work place. Roses work best, but if too expensive use carnations instead. A red and white rose mix says, unity, true love, innocence. Or red and white carnations show admiration and pure love. Have some babys breath thrown in to show happiness. Have these delivered just after lunch so the entire office will see just how sweet her fella is. Include a note saying Just an other part of your Romantic Day! Trust me this will really make her day. And, once again youve peaked her interest. While your speaking with your florist order some rose petals. Theyre usually very inexpensive, and theyll be ready when you wish to pick them up.

Once the later part of the afternoon rolls around you will have to begin setting up for dinner. In advance of this day get together some Romantic accessories. You will need candle holders, and candles. Place mats, a table cloth, even some silk flowers in a vase you can add to the table. Youll also need wine or champagne. Find yourself a tape/cd of Romantic Music. An oldie but goodie would be a Barry White album. For dinner itself, you may be surprised to learn that it really doesnt have to be exotic. What ever you are good at cooking is just find. A lot of times it is the small jesters and atmosphere that makes the difference. So, if pasta is your thing, thats cool. Just dress it up a bit. Make a nice chefs salad as an appetizer. Find a local bakery and pick up some fresh buns or biscuits. While youre there pick up something for dessert. And, since most women loooove chocolate Id go with some sort of chocolate layer cake. Wellreallyanything chocolate would be great!

Now that you have dinner under control and you are chilling the wine/champagne its time for you to get you ready. You need to shower, brush your teeth, splash on some great cologne, and find something really sexy to wear. Here is where youre going to have a bit of fun with your sweetie. Find a sexy pair of underwear and put just a housecoat over them. Now, write your sweetie a note, say something like Sweetie, I had such a busy day I was tired and had to lie down, please come to the bedroom when you get home. Leave the note where shell find it as soon as she comes in. Now, remember those rose petals? Sprinkle them on the floor leading to your bedroom, also put some on the bed. You should be lying there in your most sexy pose when she opens the door.

Well, I think you can take it from here!

About the Author: Marie Clare specializes in writing about Dating, Relationships and Romance. Check out her latest Best Selling eBook the Ultimate Online Dating Handbook plus reviews of the Best Online Dating Sites, FREE Articles, Tips and Advice at

Marie Clare

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