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Hi, Im Pixie and you will find me in chat at some stage on most days Im a chat-a-holic!

As a long time chatter at SexyAds, I have often been asked questions by new members on how to use the Java (Browser based) chat. So I've decided it is time to put it all here for you. Not that I mind answering questions in chat, but if you have the information first, your chat time will be less frustrating and you can get right down to the business of meeting that special person and having fun.

So lets go.

Q. Can you whisper/IM/pc/pm in here?

A. Yes, you can have a private chat (one on one). To do so, just double click on the name you wish to chat with from the chatters list on the right hand side of the screen. There is no rule in SexyAds that you must ask permission first, but it's best to do so as some of the ladies just wont answer unless you do. Keeps you in the good books right from the start!

Q. Are there any other rooms here?

A. Yes there are. You can either type in /list or simply click the rooms button up the top of your screen, then double click on the room you want to go to. Alternatively, if you know the name of the room you want, put in /join #bedroom (or what ever the room name is).

Q. How do I look up profiles while in chat?

A. At the top of your screen there is a button marked embed. This shows that your chat window is floating i.e. detached from your main browser window, so you are free to do what ever you want on the windows behind the chat window without losing the chat screen. Immediately behind your chat window is the initial chat window a predominately white screen with SexyAds in red at the top just minimize that window and hey presto, behind that there is the window where you first came into chat. On the left hand side there is a blue menu. From that menu select Find and put in the nick of the profile you want to look up. When you want to return to chat, just click on the room name from your task bar and the chat window will pop up.

Q. Can I be in more than one room at a time?

A. Yes, you can. By clicking on rooms and then double clicking on the room you want, you will be opening a second or even third room. You will find a button for each of them will appear on your task bar and by clicking on the one you want you can jump between rooms.

Q. How do I change colors?

A. On the left hand side at the bottom of your screen is the color palette, together with boxes for B (bold), R (reverse), U (underline) and N (normal). A single click on these will give you a variety of colors and types.

Q. I cant see my private messages in a separate window, they come up only in the main screen. Can everyone see them there? How do I get a separate window?

A. Click on the session button at the top and check the box that says show private message window.

Hope this helps you to feel more confident in chat and if you have any further questions, there is always a regular member in there who will help you.

Have fun!


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