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When traveling to meet a member, be sure to follow these safety precautions:

Don't give out your real address. Don't invite them to stay at your home.

Have them stay at a hotel in the area.

Meet them for the first time with a friend of yours, in a public place, such as a restaurant.

If they make you feel uncomfortable. Let them know kindly and excuse yourself immediately. You are NOT obligated to be their friend.

If finances allow, offer to split the cost of travel or gas. Or offer to pay a flat amount toward cost of travel. Do not pay them in advance, pay them after you've met in person.

Men will often foot the bill on travel, but if you're a woman making good money, be fair and offer to share the expense. You don't have to split 50%/50% if your salaries are not similar. But guys do like to know you're not taking advantage of them.

Once you've met in public and things feel right, then you may invite them to your church, your home, meet your family, etc.

Okay, some of you will indeed go against my advice and invite them to your home. If the other person does spend a lengthy amount of time in your area, and comes to your home and eats your food, take that into consideration on the cost, since food costs money too.

I only recommend allowing them to stay in your home if you live with your parents

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