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If your Russian lady has a child or two that is living with you it can present a few extra challenges. The Russian children will adapt to the American way of doing things rather easily. The problems you can experience are common to any marriage were there are children from previous marriages along with a couple of additional problems that are unique that relate to cultural changes.

Russian children are heavily dependent on their mother and or grandmother more so than the American counterpart. Russian mothers and/or grandmothers seem to carry bulk of the household duties whereas American mothers choose to delegate some household responsibilities to the children. i.e. loading the dishwasher, cleaning their rooms, vacuuming. Its been my experience that Russian children of any age are far behind in being able to accept these types of responsibilities compared to American children of the same age.

The reason for this could be because many American families have two parents that work. American women have fulltime jobs and American families have adjusted to everyone taking on a few of the household responsibility.

If your Russian lady has children it is very common that their mother (the child's grandmother - ba-bu-sh-ka) lives with them. If this is the case most Russian babushka's take care of the home, cooking, cleaning etc. and the child has very few responsibilities other than going to school and playing with friends.

One distinct difference between the typical nucleus of a Russian family vs an American family is: Most American children move away from home around the ages of 18-20 and live more independently. Many Russian families continue living together in some form or fashion similar to the Latin family unit. Russian families become co-dependent and enmeshed more so than American families.
New Dating team

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