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Nannette & Larry Thacker
It seems it is time yet again to remind our members of the

notorious money scams going around.

Please always report such abuse on our site, or sent to you

offline by a member you met on this site. We do not wish our

members to be scammed.

Please DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY! FBI will look into it only if you've

lost money, but they are very unsuccessful recovering money for you

after the fact, and you just lose out.

These scams come in numerous flavors:

- you won the Irish lottery

- typically Nigerian, cote d'ivorie, lagos scams

- my dad, husband, brother was assassinated and I have a ton of money

I can get with your help and commission

- I used to be evil, but now I'm a Christian and am dying of a dread

disease and wish to donate my money to a Christian to do good with it,

if you'll only help me to get it over there

- and more, all with the same flavor... lots of money if you'll only

give me a few thousand to get it transferred... some request you wire

it, others request you come over personally to handle details.

This scam has been around for years, starting with postal mail,

telephone, faxes, and now the internet.


Nannette & Larry Thacker

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