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Your Russian lady will more than likely like many types of fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid spicy food as a main course. Let her taste a sample before you plan a your meal. For the most part figure on a somewhat bland diet. Most like soups, eggs, rice, fish etc. Authentic Mexican food or Cajun food may not be a good choice. Russian are also used to Russian bread which is very firm and dry compared to American bread which is soft and sweet. Onions, beets, radishes, cucumber are among some of their favorite vegetables.

Lay's potato chips may be a favorite of your wife since they have be introduced to that type of potato chip. Tortilla chips and BBQ chips seem to not go over well. Sour cream, Catsup and Mayonnaise are also popular among Russian people. You will probably see these condiments applied frequently on foods uncommonly applied by Americans.

Spaghetti will probably go over well with your Russian lady. Most Russian like garlic as well. Chicken legs known by many Russians as Bush Legs are a good choice. By the way the name Bush legs comes from back in 1989-1990 when President Bush provided aid the Russians by sending tons of chicken to Russia during Perestroika / establishment of the Russian Presidency.

Remember Russians like to drink just about every drink at room temperature with the exception of coffee and hot tea.

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Online dating service for international dates.

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