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Do men like skinny women? Take it from me -- skinny has got nothing to do with it. In fact, a large part of the allure women hold for men is about the places where they're not skinny. (My favorite example is the pooch. You look down and grimace at it while you work out on the Stairmaster, but all day long your man is thinking about the time when he gets to come home and rest his head on it.)

Men want to date women who are fun and attractive. Attraction, as you well know, is a chemical kind of thing -- it just happens, and good luck avoiding it when it does. And fun, frankly, is an attitude, an ever vigilant determination to find the element of play in any given situation -- certainly something you could cultivate, but not a physical attribute. Best of all, if you and a guy are having fun together, chances are the attraction thing is happening too.

Now, obviously, it won't hurt things one bit if you're working out and eating right, but those are things you do for yourself, right? Which is my point: Take care of yourself, go for fun, and forget about trying to be skinny. (Even if you are skinny.)


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