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Jeff Cohen
Don't know how to end a relationship? Especially with a nice guy or girl? Here's how to end a relationship and still let them down easy.

Here's How:

The spark is missing.

Tell the person you enjoy spending time together, but for whatever reason, you just don't feel the spark.

You don't want to mislead the person.

Explain that you care too deeply about the person to ever lead them on, or make them feel the relationship has a chance to progress.

Be encouraging.

Let them know they're a great catch, will recover, and will meet someone new.

Give positive feedback only.

Honestly answer any questions about the breakup. Don't be nasty. Remember, they're a nice guy or girl.

Don't blame the person.

Don't in any way make them feel like the breakup is their fault. Let them leave the relationship believing it was a poor fit between the two of you.

Tell him or her it's not about them.

Make it clear that he or she doesn't have any major physical or intellectual faults. Nice people have a tendency to analyze the breakup for months. If they think it has something to do with a hook nose or lack of knowledge about Renaissance painters, they'll beat themselves up for years.

Don't continue getting physical.

Making a nice person believe there's a chance to continue the relationship, when you have no intention of really dating them again, is just plain wrong.

Deliver the message clearly.

If you think the person will have a hard time leaving you alone, be as clear and business-like as possible in communicating your message that the relationship is over.
Jeff Cohen

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