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There are lots of singles out there crying in their beers. They spend weekend after weekend, engaging in activities that just dont appeal to them, looking for that special someone, who is nowhere to be seen.

Why are so many singles so unhappy and so bored? The reason might be that they are not aware of the joy and fun of on-line dating. Ask some singles who are lonely in particular, if they would be interested in meeting a great match on-line and what will they say? An emphatic NO!

Many singles have quite a few misconceptions about what on-line dating is all about. Many dont realize how exciting and how mainstream this form of dating can be.

Charlotte was 26 years old when she first stumbled across an on-line dating site. I had been dating off and on for years but didnt find anyone in particular who turned me on, said Charlotte. I had gotten to the point where I was staying home with my dog and watching TV. That became the extent of my fabulous Saturday nights. Then, I met this guy at work. He raved about having found his true love via the Internet. I was shocked and asked him to tell me more.

Charlotte soon discovered the life of the single and Internet dating. It was not long before she has registered with a very popular on-line dating site and gone were the lonely Saturday nights with her dog.

I met Craig, age 42. He was a single parent and he owned his own business. I selected his profile from among thousands in my area. At first we just talked on-line. We sent emails back and forth until we both felt comfortable with each other. I was very taken with him and wanted to meet him right away but I read the articles on the dating site and they all screamed to hold off so that is what I did. We went on to use the Yahoo messenger service and that was fun! Night after night, well into the wee hours of the morning, we would talk and have a ball. We exchanged pictures on-line too and that was so much fun!

Next, after about a full month, we were talking on the phone. The late night messenger messages was taken over by the phone calls. Hearing each others voice was awesome and really kicked our feelings up a notch.

After 3 months on-line I finally agreed to meet with Craig and it was the best decision I ever made. To make a very long story short, we dated for about a year. One night, at the beach, Craig proposed! I was so shocked - caught me right out in left field!

Craig is the dearest man I have ever met! I am the proud step-mom to his 13 year old daughter, Chrissie. She is the best and we spend long hours talking and shopping at the mall. I am now part of an instant family and we could not be happier. Now if anyone would have told me I would have exchanged my lonely Saturday nights for a wonderful husband and step-daughter, I would have told them they were crazy. On-line dating -- it worked in spades for me!


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