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If we are among the lucky ones, we will have relationships with a variety of people. Each one of these relationships will be very different. We can have good and meaningful relationships with friends, family, significant others, partners, acquaintances or others. Having a healthy relationship with the people in our lives is what matters and what will bring good rewards.

Why are healthy relationships important to our well-being? Healthy relationships work like magic bullets to fuel our self-esteem, improving and stabilizing our mental and spiritual health, and generally speaking, enriching our lives. Any time that we can identify what it is that our emotional health requires to function best, we might be smart to go about the business of finding ourselves some.

A dating relationship has a unique dynamic. In the first place, when on a first date, there often wont be too much of an emotional commitment there, between the two parties. On a subsequent date, though, there might be.

Lets take a look at two of the types of emotional commitments that are made as the result of the dating relationship.

When we agree to step out on a first date we are full of anticipation. When we meet we pretty much get a sense of what might be yet to come. Our experience during the date pretty much gives us hope for more of the same or not. Either way, that important antenna that we all have must work double time to register all that we might be looking to find out about when on our first date. If we are one of the fortunate ones, we will end our first date with at least a new friend. Friendship in itself is very rewarding. Beyond friendship and when affection enters into the equation, we might experience a sense of elation. All of this contributes to our well-being. Our heart can go pitter-patter just at the thought of the possibilities that exist when meeting someone for the first time. Emotionally, we are rewarded by this type of experience. It feeds our sense of wellness in that we believe that better things can still be just right around the corner.

You have been dating for a few months now and you are hoping that some kind of real commitment might come out of this newest dating arrangement. You do all that you can short of proposing to your new love interest. You want to get the message across that you value the relationship that you now share. You feel a new sense of belonging knowing that your prospect finds you desirable. This fuels your self-esteem and you actually become more productive at your workplace. Feeling this good sure does have its perks! This just, over all, feels awfully good and there is about nothing you would not do to keep it going. You must be very careful, though, to not scare your hard won prospect away. Keeping that fine balance is quite the juggling act, but you dont mind. Your efforts are beginning to pay off in spades, if not for down the road a bit, at least for in the here and now. Generally speaking, the successful dating relationship can leave one full of self-confidence and there just is nothing that feels quite that good, you feel.

The above are two very different scenarios. Both indicate the awesome affect that comes from feeding into positive emotional experiences from a good dating relationship. When we are committed to a dating relationship, we experience health in the very best possible way. It is healthy to care and share about another. It is also very healthy to know that someone else cares for you in the same way.

There is always a bit of a gamble involved when dating. Each one of us must assess for ourselves the amount of gamble we are willing to take. There is just no kind of guarantee that comes from giving of ourselves to another. We give and we hope that this will be well reciprocated. If it is not, however, we are better to realize this early on in the relationship and not somewhere further down the road. Either way, and we play our cards right, what we end up with is a very good learning experience that will benefit our sense of self-esteem for some time to come.

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