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Your first date is about to end and looking back you feel that it went very well. There seems to be a real attraction going on between the two of you. You exchanged some very sexually charged kisses during your date.

Now you just cant wait to get back with your new lover. Tonight for sure! It is bound to happen again, tonight, you are thinking!

So, the date has come to an end and you are heading back to her place. When you get there or just before, you ask your new lover, "Can I spend the night?" You naturally assume that because of the closeness that you shared the night earlier, she will want you again.

It may not have been the best decision to ask your new lover if you could stay the night again. Lots of ladies would have been very offended that you asked.

Here are her reasons why you would have offended her:

Where is the respect for her?

She is likely thinking, "He must do this with all the women he dates."

He is only interested in me for my body.

He will think I sleep around if I agree.

He will think I'm sleazy if I let him sleep here tonight.

He must consider me to be a one-night-stand.

Finally, a relationship of close, intimate sex is best left between two people who care and care deeply. A better idea to asking your new lover if you could stay the night would be to wait and see if the night just naturally evolved into your staying. This meant your evening would just naturally happen. On a first date you should never ask to stay the night in the first place. A more romantic and impromptu night would be far better, dont you think?


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