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EVERY ONE of us is aware that good health is the key to true happiness, and most of us try to maintain good health by taking appropriate exercise and a balanced diet. But what may be good for one person may not suit the other. Many who indulge in gastronomic delight manage to stay slim and trim; many who are over weight even after denying themselves all kinds of goodies for months, still find their weight in the red. It is perhaps the way an individuals body reacts to food. In medical terminology it would mean that in certain people the enzymes convert food into energy faster than others do. Astrology gives us some clues as to how to maintain sound health without denying ourselves the best of food. Granted that most of our health problems are controlled by our minds and positive thinking can help alleviate our ills; but how to control sensibilities of our mind is where astrology comes in. In astrology the birth sign indicates ones strengths and weakness. For example, the fire signs namely Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, burn a lot of energy and consequently require more intake of calories compared to those born under the water signs, like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. In this feature, I shall attempt to give a few hints on how to maintain good health according to ones particular sun-sign


Avoid the Bottle

You generally enjoy good health. Born with lot of physical energy you are likely to use it up in your hectic work schedule, games and sports. Despite being a voracious eater, you manage to maintain a slim figure. You have enough natural immunity to infectious diseases, but being fiery and aggressive by nature, you could be accident-prone. Those who work in factory or operate machines have to exercise great caution against accidents. Aries governs the head. It is very likely that you suffer from frequent headaches, migraine or sinusitis.

Ear, nose and throat, could also give you cause for complaint. You require plenty of rest and sleep. Where diet is concerned, emphasis should be on wholesome nourishing food. Learn to masticate your food well. You always seem to be in a hurry and thats where your problems begin. You may be pretty energetic, but you are extremely impatient too. People like you should stay off liquor. You are likely to gulp a drink or two before settling down to enjoy your evenings. Where most heavy drinkers avoid eating after drinking alcohol, in your case it could be reverse. Even after bouts of heavy drinking, you desire to eat full meal. Your digestive system is frequently required to work overtime to keep pace with your idiosyncratic eating habits. And somehow you always choose to have an elaborate dinner and retire to bed immediately thereafter. Insomnia is another problem largely due to irregular eating habits. You should have a good breakfast before dashing off to work. Dont skip lunch. In a way, you like to starve yourself so that once your are free to eat you can gorge to your hearts delight. You tend to drink a lot of tea and coffee. Keep a check on that.

Avoid tension and excitement and give yourself time to sit and enjoy your meal. Rest assured youd never have weight problems that way.


What's wrong with Excercise?

Few can match Taureans when it comes to good health. You may be robust and strong but not necessarily physically fit. Since you adore good food and are indulgent in your eating habits you tend to put on weight. Consequently suffering from problems due to extra weight. You have wonderfully discriminating tastes so much so that you could be called a connoisseur of different cuisine. Quite a few of you may take jobs as chefs if not run your own eating establishment. Few amongst you are discreet in your eating habits. Taureans are known for their strong will power, but when it comes to eating, you cannot resist the tempting aroma of well-cooked food. Naturally you wonder if its worth denying oneself all delicacies in the world. The saying one lives to eat applies to Taureans. With such a philosophy how can you expect to remain slim and trim? Of course, you didnt gain all that weight overnight. You have been eating and enjoying food to your hearts delight all these years. Some of you tend to be figure conscious. And to keep your body in good shape, you diet! You are good at skipping meals. But all the other members of the household have to co-operate with you by not cooking your favourite dish at home. Naturally, they all know your susceptibilities.

Pot-Bellied People

Taurus being an earth sign makes you extremely sensuous. Its easy for you to gain weight but not as simple to shed it. For apart from going on an occasional crash-diet you rarely do anything to reduce your fat? Few Taureans take physical exercise. Due to the abundant energy that you are endowed with, you tend to choose laborious activities yet you shirk from physical discipline. Governed by the planet Venus, quite a few of you follow artistic pursuits as a career. Singers, cine artistes and painters are born under this sign. And more often than not, you can be spotted by your square frame, thick neck, and (if not careful) potbelly!

The throat is your region of greatest concern. You have to be careful with tonsils, glands, and other throat conditions. The common cold could cause frequent inconvenience. You are also prone to diphtheria and constipation. Minor problems like pimples, acne and blemishes crop up occasionally. The best way to maintain good health is to cut down the intake of calories. Dont diet, but abstain from munching in between meals. Have a glass of juice, or salad instead. You way even treat yourself to a hearty dinner, and yet will remain healthy and fit. You tend to be fond of sweets and it may be difficult for you to give them up altogether. So, compromise by treating yourself to pastries and sweets only on Sundays. To conclude, be easy on your stomach. Do a lot of exercise, especially for your neck and waistline. A brisk walk or jog may not be of much help. What you need is real vigorous exercise. Keep to the schedule you set for your physical discipline. You are methodical and conscientious in your work, but quite lethargic when it comes to looking after your own body.


Skip Snacks not Meals

We now discuss what makes Geminians healthy and sprightly in spite of they being culinary sybarites. Yes, in this respect Geminians can be termed lucky. You generally lead an active life that may be the reason for your sound health. You have a nervous, busy temperament and always involved with work that requires more mental strain than actual physical labour. It is said that Geminians live on nervous energy, which allows for much accomplishment. But you have to guard against mental strain, which could leave you exhausted. No doubt you lead an active life, but that is no excuse for not taking any physical exercise. If you see someone going through files and business reports while commuting by train or car, chances are that this person is Gemini-born. Your life style could make you high strung and irritable. It is generally through worry and anxiety that you ruin your health. A little exercise and rest could keep you in good physical condition. Your nervous system, arms and hands, along with the respiratory tract, is cause of concern. You may develop allergies of a respiratory nature requiring medical attention. Like Aries, you detest sickness and whenever you fall ill, you immediate rush to doctor. More often than not most Geminians can attend to minor problems themselves. But you tend to believe that popping tablets is magic potion that should give you instant relief. So you continue with your routine, consequently suffering from lack of rest. If you can manage a good sleep, most of your ailments will vanish. But then you are the last to retire to bed at night. You dont wish to miss any excitement after a busy day.

The Party-Going Type

A regular partygoer, you try to pack too many engagements into a single day. Naturally, you are not working hard just to earn laurels and riches. You want to enjoy yourself and eating is a delightful pastime for you. Due to your occupation you get around so much that you have sampled a lot of different cuisine. You are one of those who are pretty up-to-date on the latest food. It is very likely that you are the owner of a pastry shop. Though you know that stimulants are bad for your nerves, you continue to indulge in drink. Women born under this sign are always nibbling at something or the other. You are known for occasionally skipping your meals. You have a taste for spicy foods and are prone to suffer from indigestion due to your indiscriminate eating habits. What you need most is a balanced life style. You must stop doing things in fits and starts. Regular exercise, regular meals and rest, will keep you healthy and fit. Geminians are rarely over weight. So you do not suffer from the usual hang ups about waistline and sagging muscles. But internally, you may not be free from troubles. Your over active mind could play mischief with your nerves. Perpetual headaches, backaches, colds, and flu could give you trouble. And since Gemini governs the lungs, all pulmonary afflictions should be attended to immediately. To keep yourself healthy have a light breakfast, and if possible, include honey in your diet. Try raw vegetables, salad, or fruit juices for lunch. Have a good nourishing, protein-rich dinner, but at a proper time. Avoid after dinner beverages. Learn to relax.


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