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I Ching The Chinese Art Of Fortune Telling

The I Ching (pronounced EE Ching) or the Book of Changes is one of the great Chinese classics. Traditionally regarded as a manual of divination very valuable for its practical wisdom it was extensively used by soothsayers and fortunetellers to predict the future. However, around 1,150 BC king Wen and his son, Choug Kung, expanded it from being merely a book of fortune telling to one which also laid down guidelines for personal conduct, social norms and a correct way of life. Yet it remained essentially a book of divination.

The philosophy of I Ching: The Word I means easy as well as change, and on this are based the two fundamental aspects of the I Ching. Firstly, the process of change or transformation starts from the easy and simple, and if we know the causes of the easy and the simple, we can predict the effects of the complex and the difficult. Secondly, all things in the universe are complex and ever changing, but are governed and guided by unchanging, and relatively simple laws of Nature. Heaven and Earth move in concord, and hence the Sun and the Moon do not err (in time), and the four seasons do not deviate (from their order).

The Yang and the Yin: The structure of the I Ching is built on the premise that there exist opposing force in the universe, all changes and transformations result from the movements of these opposing forces. In the universe there are two primal forces, the virile, called the Yang (the positive element, the male) and the docile, called the Yin (the negative element, the female). Interaction between these two primal forces produces all kinds of movements and changes. The virile and the docile displace each other and produce the changes and transformations. These forces, at times, support each other at other times, contradict and even hamper each other's progress. These opposing yet complimentary principles are also represented by light and dark, creative and receptive, heaven and earth, and the strong and the weak.


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