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Astrology is perhaps the oldest in the world. According to its doctrines, the year of birth does not only tell only your age but also indicates a certain phase or aspect of sixty year circle of time. In Chinese system of astrology, each year begins early in the calendar year on a new moon and relates to one of the twelve animals. Their qualities "animate" the year and colour it with their distinct natures. Therefore you may find yourself born in the year of Rat or a horse or even a dragon as the system says. People born in a particular animal year share certain common traits in the same manner as people born in common zodiac do.

This is the distinctive feature of Chinese astrology.

The Chinese zodiac is an animal zodiac of twelve animal signs, and it is said that the ruling animal of the year a person is born, hides in the heart of that person. There is a very interesting story behind how this existence came into existence - when Lord Buddha was leaving the earth - only 12 twelve animals came to bid him farewell. As a result, Lord Buddha rewarded that each animal would have rulership for over a period. Each animal here, like the twelve signs of the zodiac has a unique character and personality of its own - which it bestows to a person born in that year. The twelve animal signs and the five elements together comprise the personality or the characteristics of the individual.


Pigs are known for their sincerity, purity and tolerance. They like to give, yield and serve. They are also an excellent companion. They however tend to go slow over urgent issues are stubborn at times. A Pig rhymes very well with a fellow pig and the goat. They also make good combination with Rabbits & Rats. Pigs are the most compatible with all other signs. They are compatible with Pig, Rabbit and Horse. However they make a very poor combination with Tiger though. AUGUST is a month to take stock of your present position and add to your experience. A lovers' cold marble heart is only a cover-up for their self-doubt and fear of once again being romantically shattered. The upright Pig would never think of such a thing! By SEPTEMBER a deeper trust is developed, opening the door toward a spiritual partnership. Sincere and unpretentious, you are a great friend and valuable work associate. In SEPT, you are recognized for your attention to detail.

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