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Paris Motor Show

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Some important vehicles and some important trends are emerging in Paris, making it clear that the auto industry has become one global business.

Possessing far more character than the sober sedans that preceded it, the Aura arrives in a wave of new vehicles intended to revitalize the once plucky brand.

Follow-Up Test: 2006 Honda Civic GX

The natural-gas-powered 2006 Honda Civic GX is updated and scores big points on the environment. But watch that fuel gauge closely.

Full Test: 2007 Mazdaspeed 3

It's got a little bit of everything significant elevation gain, differing surfaces, jumps and a big enough variety of turns to satisfy any driving geek.

2007 Volvo C70: Even in Fun, Volvo Plays It Safe

When Volvo loyalists come to the time in life when the sheer decadence of a sunroof doesnt do the trick, this is the car they will ease into.

Follow-Up Test: 2007 Saturn Vue Green Line

Here's a hybrid that you won't have to pay a premium for, but check the competition before you make a final decision on what to buy.

At Crossroads of Sporty Car and S.U.V.

The Mazda CX-7 is a crossover with zoom-zoom styling and a down-to-earth price, while Acura's RDX takes dead aim at the BMW X3.

A Lot More Firepower for BMWs 6-Shooter

For 2007, BMW has brought out new fifth-generation coupes, the BMW 328i and 335i, cheering enthusiasts who havent seen a new two-door 3 Series since 1999.

2007 Dodge Ram SRT10: Overpriced, Overpowered and Proud of It

This truck doesnt care about mileage, or about refinement, or about not scaring children. This truck could be more politically incorrect only if it ran on whale oil and panda tears.


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