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The MPG ratings shown below are for a specific style (trim level) of a vehicle. Not all styles of a vehicle will get the same MPG. More importantly, the MPG you get when you drive a vehicle will vary based on a number of factors, including engine size, transmission type, tires, how many people and how much cargo are in the car, how you drive, how well you care for your car and the type of environment you drive it in.

Compare two or more fuel-efficient vehicles, check the box to the right of the vehicle name and then click "Compare Selected Models."

Honda Insight

"Frugal, yet sporty at the same time, there's nothing else on the road quite like the Honda Insight. It looks slippery and futuristic. And it is. According to Honda, it is the most aerodynamic production car on the road. And it was the first gasoline-electric hybrid car sold in the U.S."

Toyota Prius

"The real justification to buy a Prius is its extremely low emissions. It produces almost no pollution and is one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles you can drive. The Prius is an excellent choice for buyers who want to reduce air pollution and America's dependence on oil. The Prius isn't cheap, but it's an amazing piece of engineering that achieves those goals."

Honda Civic Hybrid

"The major difference noted between the [gas engine] sedan and the Hybrid was in the transmission, as the shiftless CVT left engine speed roving around the tachometer as the electronic brain kept the rpms at their most efficient given road speed and load. Surprisingly, weight was a non-issue, with the Hybrid tipping the scale at a mere 74 pounds over the gas engine-powered sedan."

Volkswagen New Beetle

"Its mild manners make for a joyful ride around town. And, of course, its unique styling makes a statement. Driving enthusiasts should find the New Beetle a fun alternative to sport coupes and small sports sedans."

Volkswagen Jetta

"The long-awaited independent rear end, with a four-link suspension layout, feels far more involved while cornering. There is less body roll, too, and engineers have dialed out most of the impact harshness that plagued the old car."

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