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John D. Stoll
In the world of extreme sports, ESPN X-Gamer and off-road motorcycling maestro Travis Pastrana is big - Michael Jordan big.

The 20-year-old motocross racer has a high-profile video game named after him, he's inked high-dollar deals with Puma AG and American Suzuki Motor Corp., and has been competing in motorcycle "freestyle" stunt events funded by multimillion dollar corporate sponsorships since before he could drive.

So why is he lately spending his time in the U.S.'s decidedly low-profile Sports Car Club (SCCA) of America's ProRally series?

"Have you seen it?" Pastrana asks. "Who wouldn't want to be in a car flying through the air around blind corners? It's great!"

Great, or just downright reckless (ProRally cars routinely top 100 mph (161 km/h) on narrow trails through the woods), Pastrana's participation in this extreme motorsport comes as a new generation of race fans are becoming old enough to buy cars. The rip-roaring pace of rally - which sends drivers through timed wilderness stages with the help of a co-driver and all-wheel drive - is proving to appeal to the coveted Gen-Y crowd.

John D. Stoll

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