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Franklin Foer
Soccer Dreams - The Sports Shelf

How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization.

Twelve year old Leah Lauber was more than an enthusiastic soccer fan--she also landed a job as a Junior Report for the St. Petersburg Times covering the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cub.

Soccer Dreams is the unique story of how for one year, a young girl covred the story of how the team prepared for the even, and how they went on to win this prestigious soccer event.

Written with the help and assistance of her family (Leah's yonger sister Nicole and her grandmother, Nanny Pat Lauber, transcribed hours of Leah's interviews and recorded comments during seven different sessions with almost every member of the women's team, and her mother, Rya, worked on the book's cover design and her fahter sorted through hundreds of photos and scanned them into the computer for use in illustrating the thoroughly engaging text),

Soccer Dreams is "must" reading for all young soccer enthusiasts and would be a popular addition to any gradeschool, junior high, or community library Sports collection.
Franklin Foer

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