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Weight Training and Women.

Many women in the US are reluctant to train with weights because of the sometimes-gruesome pictures of women who have acquired very masculine features due to anabolic steroid abuse.

Unfortunately, more commonly than not, it seems this is used an excuse to avoid a strenuous work out program. For many women however this is an actual concern that prevents them from obtaining quality muscle tone, strength and fat loss. In reality women do not have the hormonal make up to support an excess of muscle mass or the hard, masculine look associated with female body builders who abuse anabolic steroids. In fact the average woman will have to work much harder than the average man to acquire even a small amount of muscle. Fitness competitors you see in the magazines dedicate as much time in the gym weight training as many top body builders (male).

Weight training benefits women by building a firm, curvy body rather than bony, saggy body that crash diets and excessive cardio sessions produce. Also keep in mind that muscle burns calories through out the whole day so having more muscle will actually help keep the fat off.

Forgetting what the crash diet programs tell you is very important for looking good! Crash diets cause your body to eat your muscle because of inadequate nutrition. This is what accounts for most of the weight lost because muscle weighs 2 1/2 times more than fat! A balanced diet composed of moderate portions of food from all of the food groups and a routine of weight training combined with cardiovascular exercise is the path to your goals. If you do things the right way you can have a healthy life style and look great with out having to suffer or starve.


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