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What's New for 2007: Small and Midsize Cars

Soaring fuel costs make cars popular again in 2007

With no end in sight to the rise in fuel prices and continuing increases in the cost of living, American consumers are dumping their once cherished SUVs in favor of smaller, more affordable vehicles. Honda, Nissan and Toyota are right on track with the trend toward impressive utility in small packages by introducing the Fit, Versa and Yaris, respectively, for the 2007 model year, thus taking the lead in combining fuel efficiency and practicality while creating some of the most sought-after cars outside of the hybrid market.

For 2007, however, Nissan clearly rules the roost. In addition to small-outside, big-inside fuel sipping Versa, the Japanese automaker is giving its entire sedan lineup an overhaul. The Sentra is redesigned for the first time since the Clinton Administration, and its a sharp looking little ride. Think Maxima Jr., and you wont be far off the mark. Sentras distinctive Euro-influenced styling makes it look more expensive than it is, and the car has grown in size. Nissans bread-and-butter sedan, the Altima, is also all new for 2007, representing an evolutionary rather than revolutionary change. Finally, the Maxima flagship gets spiffed up to give it legs until a complete overhaul arrives a few years from now.

Nissan isnt the only manufacturer making waves this year; just the biggest ones. Toyotas got an all-new Camry for 2007, complete with a new hybrid model that goes like a V6 but sips fuel like a four. Volkswagen marks the return of the Rabbit, complete with a cute bunny logo on the hatchback, and Suzuki debuts a fun little all-wheel-drive model called the SX4. Kia and Hyundai are coming to market with complete redesigns, too, in the Optima and Elantra, and Dodge has replaced the dowdy Neon sedan with a funky little hatchback called the Caliber. Whatever your needs and desires for a new family-style vehicle, one thing is certain: people want something that gets better gas mileage. Ready to learn more about these cars and others?


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