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Sam Morishima
If you stay with it long enough you will eventually turn down those frequent flow of bone shattering falls associated with snowboarding to a trickle. At first it can be quite daunting, wondering why your recent on mountain diet includes a face full of snow on just about every toe edge turn.

The only good thing about this diet is that snow is very low in calories. To accelerate your mastery of the toe edge turn let's see how we can over come this ailment that continues to plague the new members of this sport.

You've just made a heel edge turn, no sweat you say. Youre feeling fairly good feeling the edge of the heel side of the snowboard dig a grove into the snow as you slice across the mountain slope. You're now beginning to anticipate the turn ahead and you make your move jumping onto your toe edge side. The moment flashes so fast you don't even have time to catch a breath as the sudden jolt of hitting face first into the snow brings the world to a painful shocking stop.

So what happened, but better yet how can I make a toe edge turn like the boarders on X games?

The solution is simple. When you are ready to make a toe edge turn just count to 3 and then engage the toe edge. Just try it! What do you have to lose certainly not a toe edge turn without a fall?

So what's at work here! When you begin to count one you start to move over the board flattening it allowing the board to swing down the fall line. At count two the board is now neutralized in regards to direction and on count three you begin to add the toe edge allowing the board to come around.

What you were doing before was introducing the toe edge while still heading in the direction that was meant for a heel edge which means catching the wrong edge and plummeting yourself toward mother earth like a meteor entering earth's atmosphere.

Take the count to three and relax as the toe edge turn keeps you upright. Practice this on a low slope so you can get the feel and then progress upward. You will also begin to successfully do it to a two count and then a one count.

Sam Morishima

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