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There are different type of snowskates and snow decks. Snow skates(or single deck) were originally made by Premier in 1988 which were made out of plastic, and then they came out with wood snow skates with a p-tex bottom to make them fast for sliding on snow and boxes. Now their plastic boards are made by there side company called Fortrus.

Even though these are called snow skates, people like to call them snow decks because its only a deck but premier came up with the snow skate name first.

Premier is the only major company that makes wood snowskates, most other companys make plastic ones which can be better or worse. These companys are Fortrus, World Industries, Lamar, and Santa Cruz.

A snow deck is considered a regular skateboard deck with a bottom ski attached by truck like parts. The first company to create these were Burton.

Now many companies are making snow decks that are wider, or longer, or dont have metal edges. These snow decks with no metal edges are considered double decks. Because of these double-decks, companys have come out with bottom skis with metal edges that are just as wide as the top, or bottom decks with no edges that are as wide as the top deck, which makes a much more stable ride. Companys that make snow decks and "double-decks" are Burton, Gnu, Lib Tech, Circuit, and Approach.

Many people are trying to create a new snow skate or snow deck that will work well, Fuse...a snow skate company is making snow skates with 4 little skis that are suppost to mimic skateboard wheels. All companys make different equipment and both types of snowskates or snowdecks are better or worse for some terrain, try out different stuff.


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