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Alice Temple
Give your wardrobe an image overhaul

Decide who you are

If you find yourself mindlessly following fashion trends without adapting them to your own style, now's the time to rein yourself in. Stop pretending you're Gwyneth, Cameron or J.Lo and start dressing to suit your life. If you're an impulse shopper, learn to quell your urges and splurges. Quit stockpiling those stiletto boots if you never have occasion to wear them - you'll save a fortune, as well as developing your own style. Most impulse shoppers get carried away in the moment, so take five minutes to sit down in the fitting room and really think about what you're buying and whether it's worth it.

Learn to coordinate

Start by knowing which colours suit you. Whether in a shop or at home, try on a selection of different coloured tops. The ones that give instant uplift are the colours you should be heading for. You may find a theme such as brights, pastels, muted or neutrals. Bear these in mind when out shopping, while avoiding the colours that don't work for you (usually the hard-to-wear fuchsias, yellows and oranges). If you can't resist them, pick a piece that you can wear away from your face, such as shoes, a bag or a belt. The key to pulling a look together is not to mix too many colours in an outfit. A maximum of three colours looks harmonious and well thought-out.

Try something new

Every so often be daring and experiment with your look. Either go on a trying-on session, picking out things you'd never normally consider, or rummage through your wardrobe working out new combinations. That dress you never wear because you hate your calves may look fab over those drainpipes you bypass because they make your butt look big.

Look after your clothes

Now you've sorted your wardrobe, give it some respect. Buy some decent hangers and bin those wire monstrosities. Group your clothes - trousers together, then skirts, dresses and so on. Store rarely-worn shoes in their boxes on top of the wardrobe so they're visible, but not in the way. Finally, learn to select your clothes the night before. This saves time and prevents those clothes-flinging scenarios when you try on 50 things, only to settle on the original option.

Alice Temple

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