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Mehmet Aksoy
Be a bad guy if you want sex but a good guy if you want love.

Listen. It all depends on what you want.

If you want sex then you need to be a bad guy and never be emotional. But if you want love and if you want a girl to be honest with you when she tells you how much she loves you, then you need to be a good guy!

Bad Guys = Get Sex and nothing more... they are being used... and after some time these popular bad guys with all the chicks become alcoholics or addicted to drugs due to the depression that naturally comes when being used by chicks without feelings... (Believe me, I've seen this happen many times to the most popular men!)

Good Guys = Get Less Sex but are more happy... because they know that someone somewhere is thinking of them everyday... Also, having sex with someone you love feels like you're having sex with 100 women all together - you get maximum orgasm!

Our life on Earth is a journey where we are always in the search of the questions we cannot seem to answer and all the unanswered questions keep making us feel as if we only exist and die into nothingness. It can feel at times as if we were never born and only dream this life; which can make our stay on Earth very lonely!

There has only been one thing proven to mankind which can beat the loneliness forever. It is LOVE my friend, just find it and you will feel it!

So how do you know if you have found TRUE LOVE? Well, if you date a girl and the tears from your eyes start to fall as soon as you look deep inside her eyes or as soon as her gentle skin touches you, then this is love. And when you're not with her, you will see her beautiful eyes wherever you look and you will be so afraid, afraid that you might someday lose the one you love, so all you will be wanting to do will be to hold on tight to her and keep whispering in her ears how much you love her!

This feeling is what I call to feel Heaven here on Earth!

But be warned my friend... before you jump into true love, make sure you can survive if something goes wrong...

If the one you love someday tells you that she doesn't love you anymore or she goes away; you will feel the greatest of all pains, it will feel as if you had to die to survive...

The joy love brings is the greatest joy of all, and the sadness is the worst you can feel...

Mehmet Aksoy

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