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Francis Githinji
Men's dating rules are particularly very interesting. They enable the man to do all the right things when it comes to a relationship and dating in particular. Some men may have never read about the rules or they may have brushed them aside as if not for them. As a man, there are certain things that you would do or not do during a date; these are what we are calling men's dating rules. They are usually unwritten but, if you want them in text and print, the Internet will guide you through on the many resources in this regard. Therefore, what exactly do men's dating rules state? It all begins when you spot a hot lady and think that you would like to date her. You find opportunity to flirt with her as you try to win her trust. If the first step works, you get what you have been after; her phone number. This is usually referred to as the key to a woman's world. With the number, you know she is open to the idea of being with you. The first dating rule for men will be, not to call her for at least three days. The women folk must be complaining but, when you think about it makes a lot of sense.

Being a man is not exactly easy. You have to behave in a certain manner that will constantly uphold your sense of manhood. Appearing desperate to be with a woman is pretty lame. You might be hopelessly and desperately looking forward to meet her but, it must never show. This is the reason why men will take 2 to 3 days to call a woman. It will also ensure that the woman is kept on her toes wishing for the man to call. Other men's dating rules include taking her to a place where you are known. This might be a club where you know the disk jockey well or the staff. This will only emphasis how much you are a people person and that you are indeed worth trusting. Make sure that you get the best table in this particular restaurant or club. If they do not fall in love with you then, they are probably not worth it. Go to the trouble of learning a few things about courtesy and etiquette. This is because all women want a man who is well behaved. You must pull out a chair for her. You should let her sit before you do.

This will only make the lady feel special and loved. This is a very simply way of making the right impression to a lady. Other mens dating rules state that you should resist sleeping with her when the relationship is very young. This does not mean you be a cold fish. You can touch and kiss her passionately, then pull away. This will demonstrate that you are a real man who can wait. Above all, you will increase the sexual tension and, your experience will be one to remember. The best way to know whether she is worth keeping is when you limit your spending. Do not be extravagant when it comes money. This way, you will note her reaction and attitude. You do not have to appear like a pauper; just make sure you are intelligent about this.

Francis Githinji

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