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Ok fellas, lets talk about the absolute basic rule in the dating world. If you're ever in doubt during your dating conquests, always remind yourself of the most important rule of dating. Again, as I like to put my disclaimer on all of my writings, this will not apply to EVERY SINGLE GIRL. Women are unique creatures that all have their own quirks. But for the most part, this rule applies:

Women (and men for the most part) want what they cant have and dont respect what they cant get rid of. I know youve heard it over and over again, but it is true. This concept is perhaps the most important knowledge you can glean from this site. I have seen it over and over again in my own personal life and also in the many lives of fine young men I have coached to stud status. Use this understanding to your advantage.

For example, let's say youre not really getting anywhere with a girl, or want to get back with a girlfriend. If you understand the basic rule, your battle plan for succeeding with this girl is much more clear. The tough part is following through with your battle plan and winning the war completely. Suppose you're after a girl who is kinda "ehhh... whatever" about you. She might have a tad bit of interest, but generally doesn't even give you the time of day. The key is to make it appear to her that you are unattainable. Either that you are too good for her or that youre just plain not interested in her.

Now, let's say youve already shown that youre interested in her, and she knows it. You might think you're screwed, but you're not. Just act as if you're no longer interested in her. "Youve just lost that loving feeeeeeling, oh-oh that loving feeling." It happens.

The above example is actually the best scenario. If at one time you were pining over her, and now suddenly show no interest, shell wonder what the hell happened. Women like to be adored, to be thought of as pretty, or to be sought after. Hell, we all do. Being sought after is like getting a nice massage. It feels good, we like it, and then all of a sudden they quit and you're like"Hey, dont quit, I liked that, it felt good.... what does it take to get that back again?"

It works the same way with women. You have to make it seem like you are over her and that she cant have you anymore. It will drive her crazy. Trust me, shell want what she cant have. Even better yet, shell want back what she once had.

Now please note, this advice doesnt apply to girls who have absolutely no interest in you whatsoever. If there is not even the tiniest spark of interest, then she will be happy as shit that she cant have you. Know why? Cause she doesnt want any part of you!!! Don't waste your time. Move onto another girl.

A great book that teaches the basics of attracting women is The Art of Approaching Women by Joseph Matthews. It provides a plethora of advice that will help you in your dating endeavors.

Now, there are two parts to the "want what you can't have" scheme that we as men seem to fuck up royally. We tend to lose our testicles as soon as there is any sign that our plan is working. We do the Silence of the Lambs nutsack tuck, and fuck it up for ourselves. Its kind of like the first war in Iraq. We went in there and cleaned some fucking house, but just before we had it totally fucking annihilated, we quit. Ehhhh, good enough, that should do, right? look what we have now, a mess we couldnt clean up with a vacuum the size of Asia. If youre gonna start the war here, you damn well better finish it.

The hard parts of this game are twofold. First, you have to actually stand firm and convince her that she can't have you. Not only do you have to be believable, you have to play out the gig long enough to get the power back in your favor. If you dont take it far enough, youll be right back where you started.

You can play the game subtly, or be right out in the open about it. I personally am a straight shooter. It fits my personality, so I just come right out and say, Ok, you have to have known I was into you. Im over it, realized that it wasnt going to happen so Im over it. But, we can be friends if you want, either way Im good. I just thought you should know so things aren't weird." Youll almost be able to see her want you right on the spot.

The next step is to back up your words with actions. DO NOT CALL HER FOR AT LEAST 4 DAYS!! She wont even begin to get curious for the first two, so she'll really only be wondering what's going on for two days. If you cave-in and call her before finishing, she will have no respect for you. If she calls you asking you to do something, just say, "ehhh, I might, but probably not, Im supposed to go out with the guys but thanks for the offer."

After she contacts you, wait a minimum of 3 more days before calling her. If she contacts you in the meantime asking for your company, it's okay to do something light with her. Still, you should cut the night short and have a genuine "take you or leave you attitude" with her. Now, dont be a fuckhead to her, but don't indicate that you're interested in her whatsoever.

You can even make a point to look at other hot chicks and comment on them. I mean after all, you're just friends right? It will drive her crazy and drive her to wanting you. If she starts commenting on other guys, that's a good sign that its working. Shes jealous and wants to make you jealous in return. Never underestimate the power of jealousy and women protecting their territory.

When using this tactic, try to cut the night short like you have somewhere to be later. When you try to get ahold of her, always wait a minimum of three days between each contact. When she initiates a meeting, employ a 50/50 ratio of blowing her off and going out with her.

Occasionally contact her just to stay on the tip of her mind. Call just to ask her something you want to know. For example, you could say, "hey, what was the name of that really good sushi place you wanted to go to?.ok, thanks cool. See ya."

I usually continue this cycle until she is throwing herself at me like a pathetic high schooler. But, dont take it tooooooo far. Every woman has a limit where she will just give up. You have to be able to read her.

The whole point of this scheme is to get her interested in you. Nothing is more interesting than an elusive person that you cant have. Its a simple fact, people want what they cant have and dont respect what they cant get rid of. I promise, it works. Stay strong, and hold your ground. Shell eventually come around.

Go make 'em think they can't have you, young slayer of virtue!


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